X-Men: First Class

Just watched X-Men: First Class. Not bad, not bad at all. It's a prequel, it begins when Professor X and Magneto and Mystique are all kids and the main action takes place in the early 1960s. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby started the X-Men comic in 1963, Roy Thomas and Neal Adams wrote and drew them for a very well-known set of stories in 1969, right before the series went on an extended hiatus of reprints. Chris Claremont took over as the writer after a revamped team was introduced in 1975. I followed the series closely during the three years from 1978 to 1980 (Here's the link to a collected book of the first ten issues of that run). That was a definite high point for the series, when John Byrne was the artist. Paul Smith followed soon after. He was also an excellent artist on the series. I pretty much stopped reading X-Men by 1990, but I've been checking in on them and following the series and checking out stories from time to time ever since.

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