Classic apples & oranges comparison

*Sigh!* Sarah Palin gets fourth grade American history really, REALLY wrong! ThinkProgress has the detailed corrections.

I ran across these two comments in the MMFA piece:

You liberals are so pathetic, always trying to make a big deal out of a minor slip up. Obama said there are 53 states, does this make you question education under Obama? 

To which another commenter responded:

Screwing up the history of Paul Revere (it was lanterns, not bells and he wasn't warning the British...hence the whole reason behind his secret ride and why they used lanterns and not bells...so they wouldn't alert the British) then lying about it is not a mole hill.

Here's the difference: Obama made a mistake when he said 57 states. He admitted it, explained how it happened and moved on.

Palin makes a mistake about a fundamental aspect of American history, refuses to admit she made a mistake, accuses those who points out that it was a mistake of "attacking" her and her moronic fans try to edit Paul Revere's Wikipedia page to try to get it to fit her version of what happened.

Oh yes, right-wingers tried to edit the Paul Revere page in Wikipedia to make it consistent with Palin's hilariously inept re-writing of Revere's famous ride.

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