Ann Coulter, at it again

Seems Ann Coulter is at it again. She's again taken up a case and again the traditional media is covering just her  side of the story and completely ignoring the side of the less-connected people who are on the opposite side of the issue. This time, Coulter isn't talking about the 9-11 Widows, but about Kent State 41 years ago. In the first case, she claimed that the 9-11 Widows were attention-seekers who were pleased at having their husbands die during the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. Now, she's claiming that the students at Kent State were a "mob." I reviewed the Kent State case in detail as a college student back during the early 1980s and no, the students were simply not organized enough to have constituted any sort of threat to the soldiers who opened fire on them. They were not a mob in any recognizable sense as they simply weren't focused enough to fit the description that Coulter gave of them.
Why would Coulter be putting out such outrageous accusations? More importantly, why now? A YouTube video by the sister of one of the Kent State students who died in 1970 tells us that new evidence has been uncovered. A student recorded the whole incident from a window ledge as it happened and it took until very recently for forensic experts to be able to play the tape and analyze it for clues as to what actually happened on that day. The video is well worth watching. And again, I don't for one moment believe that Coulter is acting on her own initiative. I don't think she's being forced to say outrageous, incendiary things against her will. I believe she enjoys that part. But I don't thinkit was her idea to say them.

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Mendo Coast Current said...

Thanks for posting about Ann Coulter's attack on Kent State & my recent video ~ http://bitly.com/mMZ8sE.

Ms. Coulter will do or say anything to have the spotlight on her ill-conceived & outrageous political positions yet I do believe in the old adage: Any publicity is good publicity! ;-)