Green Lantern

Saw Green Lantern. Decent stuff. I liked how people who aren't familiar with Lantern's “civilian” identity (Hal Jordan, played by Ryan Reynolds), didn't have any idea who that masked man was, but people who knew him well recognized him without much trouble. I looked back through my own collection and of course have reprints of the famous Denny O'Neil (Writer) and Neal Adams (Artist) issues where he and Green Arrow tackled relevant social issues in the early 1970s. The only other issues I have are some from 1992 where his lover in the film (Carol Ferris, played by Blake Lively) battles him in her acquired identity as Star Sapphire. Ferris goes by the code word “Sapphire” in the film, so we're sure to see that in the future GL movie(s).
One very technical complaint I have is that one of the alien Green Lanterns (Our Green Lantern is the Lantern only of this sector of space, so Jordan is the Earth GL) takes credit for “training” EGL. Uh, no. I went to Navy Boot Camp and that takes six weeks. All that does is that it conditions you so that you can accept real training afterwords. Basically, it just teaches one not to make stupid errors and to accept the culture of the armed services. The alien GL spent just a few short minutes with our EGL, so “training” is, uh, just a bit of an exaggeration.

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