"Stolen Honor" - The Anti-Kerry Vietnam War Movie

I finally saw the script for this movie. It's not like I've tried real hard to find it, but I've been very hesitant to go down and protest it as I haven't enough detailed knowledge to talk about it intelligently. My reading of the script shows that the first 20 minutes or so jumps directly from complaining that war protesters, including a young John Kerry, were making it sound as though American soldiers were committing atrocities in Vietnam to vivid descriptions of POW's lives in the Hanoi Hilton.
This is kind of like looking through a straw at a very large and sprawling canvas. They treat atrocities by soldiers as simple allegations without any attempt to gauge whether the allegations had any merit and take a very small group of American soldiers who unquestionably did suffer horrible abuses at the hands of the Vietnamese.
The resulting picture leaves out vastly more than it puts in and cannot be described as in any concievable way fair or balanced. I'm inclined to agree that this picture is pure propaganda.

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