Conservatives vs Neo-Conservatives

The blogger Steve Gilliard reproduces an article from Pat Buchanan's website. Pat makes the point that Bush's spiritual forefathers are Leon Trotsky, Plato and Leo Strauss. I read Plato's Republic when I was about 14 and was thoroughlly repulsed. I rank Plato right down there with Josef Stalin as a philosopher, though I've read in recent years that Plato's later works are actually pretty good. Leo Strauss is in agreement with Leon Trotsky that humanity must be lead by a self-selected elite, who must drag the rest of humanity, kicking and screaming if need be, towards the bright future. This is a vicious and evil philosophy which allows Neo-Conservatives to ignore events like the peace marches of 15 February 2003, when about 10 million people marched worldwide to protest the upcoming Iraq War.
Pat Buchanan concludes (And Steve Gilliard & I heartily agree) that Bush and the Neo-Conservatives are an embarrassment to real Conservatives.

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