Case closed. Game, set, match.

It's now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was Bush Administration dereliction of duty that led to the bad guys getting ahold of 350+ tons of HMX and RDX. KSTP has the video here. Intact seals on doors at al Qaqaa were filmed several days after US troops took custody of the base.
A friend of mine asked if that means that the US is truly to blame for the fact that unknown persons ran off with the stuff. I explained that back in the Navy, a petty officer in my office borrowed an audio tape from someone else. Someone else then stole the tape. Was the petty officer who borrowed the tape to blame for it's disappearance? Of course he was! The tape was in his custody. He had asked if he could borrow it, had it in his possession and failed to keep it safe from theft.
For ordinary explosives, we'd formally and technically blame the President anyway, but to let these particular explosives, which the US knew were there and which the US knew were dangerous, this kind of gross negligence goes straight to the top.
The Moderate Voice has examples of right-wingers trying desperately to come up with excuses for this fustercluck.

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