Impressions of Debate #3

For Bush: Yelling. Lots of jumping up and down and pounding of fists on tables and expressions saying "Look dummy, I'll spell it out for you."
For Kerry: Calm, collected, having to raise his voice only because the jackass over there is raising his. Kerry had to explain things several times because Bush obviously didn't get them the first time.
Bush made several arguments that appeared to make perfect sense, but only until you remembered what the situation actually was. Bush's comments on how Kerry would make terrible economic decisions was especially bizarre. Had he run the economy in a decent manner, he might have a smidgen of credibility when it came to assessing how the other guy would do. His comments on creating one & something million jobs was positively bizarre. With an absolutely crappy job-creation record, with a four-year total that roughly approaches what a one-year record should look like, Bush is simply in no position whatsoever to criticize anybody's economic plans.
Saying that the US has 30 countries on our side in Iraq sounds real impressive until you realize that France, Germany and Russia are not among them and that eight countries have left.

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