Jon Stewart of Comedy Central's The Daily Show on CNN's Crossfire

The appearance of Jon Stewart on Crossfire was initially greeted with plenty of laughter as people were obviously expecting him to be there as a funnyman and to promote his new book with smiles and laughter. He surprised hosts Paul Begala (The ostensible liberal) and Tucker Carlson (The conservative - "'How old are you?' 'Thirty-five,' Tucker answered. Stewart nodded. 'And you wear a bow tie.'") by being serious and berating them for running a show that was all fluff and filler with guests essentially screaming at each other. IFilm.com featured a clip called "Jon Stewart's Brutal Exchange with CNN Host" that collected over 670,000 hits by 11:00 Tuesday night. Crossfire normally draws 615,000 viewers. Other download sites bring the total number of hits to over a million. Amazingly, Carlson was claiming the match as a victory for CNN, which many other viewers claim was a resounding victory by Stewart.

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