Just saw "Thor"! Kewl stuff! It got just two stars from the Inquirer today, but remember, it's an origin story, so it did a data-dump of lots and lots of introductory information while trying to be an exciting story and to set up future stories, all at the same time. For good stories in the comic series, MTV Geek chooses a lot of good ones. Personally, I don't think I really started following or enjoying Thor until Walt Simonson began writing and drawing him in 1983, though I was interested to see that they folded Richard Wagner's "The Ring of the Nibelung" into the series in 1980. I guess I've mostly seen Thor as a member of the Avengers (And no, the spy duo John Steed and Emma Peel had nothing to do with the comics-book Avengers) and yes, there's an Avengers movie in the works. I liked some of the Avengers stories that Thor was in during the late 1970s, the Count Nefaria battle being an especially classic one.

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