"Chuck" and "Bandslam"

Chuck (Zachary Levy) had a pretty interesting episode lately (Number 421) and they reproduce an interesting scene from it here. Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) tries to reproduce Chuck's look when he “flashes” (He retrieves data that was inputted into his brain via advanced technological means). We get a bit more into the Sarah character than usual because we get to meet her dad and see some of her early life. She's certainly come a long way since she was just a CIA agent who really didn't seem to have any sort of private life. Sarah and Chuck make an interesting pair because there are definitely areas where she's more capable and competent than he is, but he's plenty competent in enough areas so that his ego is never in danger.

I described a movie to both my sister and my niece. “This fellow, who's in high school, meets up with a blond babe and a modest brunette. And of course, guess who it is that wins our hero's heart?” Very curiously, both of them guessed the blond babe. I'm like “What? No, no, no, the modest brunette is the more virtuous one, therefore she's the one who prevails over the prettier blond gal.” Lots of good songs, I especially liked the one where the band really comes together and finds its rhythm under the blond gal. Plenty of minor problems with the script, lots of items where you have to use the ol' “suspension of disbelief” thing, but a very, very good, rocking out version of the 1970s Bread song “Everything I own” (Bread was actually a soft-rock group) where our true heroine gets the entire audience rocking along to her performance.

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