Pirates of the Caribbean part IV

Saw Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Nothing profound to say about it. If you liked the first three installments (I did), then you'll like this.
So, ya thought that because you figured how to deal with vampires, zombies and werewolves that you were safe, huh? Heh, well now, we've got a new supernatural menace to worry about...mermaids!
Someone asked me whether the spell they cast upon unlucky sailors was a spell that affected both genders equally. I had to say I wasn't sure as the only female crew member (Penelope Cruz) was out of range when the mermaids attacked. Not sure that it was their singing that entranced the few sailors who were affected (that would have made them Sirens) though they did indeed sing. But the sailor who got a good look into the eyes of one of the mermaids was hopelessly smitten and spoke lovingly of her long afterwards. So whether they cast a spell that would leave gay men and straight women unaffected or whether they entranced straight men in a way that just seemed like love to the smitten men is a very good question.

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