Joe Lieberman (I-CT):
"I think the consequences for the Middle East, which has been so important to our international stability over the years, and to the American people, who have been attacked on 9/11 by the same enemy that we’re fighting in Iraq today, supported by a rising Islamist radical super-powered government in Iran, the consequences for us, for—I want to be personal—for my children and grandchildren, I fear will be disastrous."

Now, having been a comickal book reader for many years (DC-Vertigo is my current favorite brand) I'm well aware of what a super-powered individual is, even though all the ones I know of are fictional. I haven't the vaguest clue as to what a "super-powered government" is, even if we're talking in strictly fictional terms.
Are we fighting the same people in Iraq who attacked the US on 9-11? Well, it has been a frequent accusation that al Qaeda is operating in Iraq (See al-Zarqawi, Abu Musab) but it's been clear from mid-2003 on that foreign fighters make up, at best, about 5% of the folks the US is fighting in Iraq. No one really knows how many of the foreigners are al Qaeda. I found it very interesting, though that "94%[of Iraqis] express disapproval of al-Qaeda." So yeah, that statement is accurate in a very strict technical sense, but you really have to be very careful in your definitions and have to realize that out of 100 opponents fought, one, possibly two are al Qaeda for the statement to be regarded as true.
Lieberman regards the Iranian government as "rising" eh? Well, if they add about half of Iraq to their territory, we all know who gets the major credit for that, G. W. Bush! If Iraq hadn't been invaded, Iran wouldn't have any sort of foothold there.

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