Dinesh D'Souza & Iraq

Like many other commentators in the left blogosphere, I found "Not a clash of religions" by Dinesh D'Souza in the Philadelphia Inquirer to be an appallingly stupid piece. D'Souza appears to be under the impression that the Iraq War is not about material objectives for things like oil and strategic control of raw materials, but a tender concern on the part of Islamic jihadists for the souls of Americans. Yes, it's the liberals lack of godliness that has motivated the radicals half a world away to oppose the American invasion of their country. They had no objection to being invaded of course. That would have been okay if only Americans hadn't been such godless, disrespectful heathens.
If one looks at the American conquest of the Philippines in the first years of the 1900s, concern over the religion of the Filipinos was an obviously secondary aspect of the struggle. Once coaling stations had been acquired, allowing the US to expand its presence overseas, the Filliping religion was an afterthought, a follow-on to the initial wave. Would Islamic jihadists be concerned about the US state of religion? Sure, if they were in the position of being able to take over and occupy the US. As that's extremely unlikely ever to happen, I really can't see them worrying about our religion to begin with.

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