Re: "Warning Syria, Iran" Letter Jan 20

The letter writer demonstrates precisely why it is that the Commander-in-Chief is not delegated the authority to declare war all by himself. In lieu of actually declaring war, Congress passed resolutions for both Vietnam and Iraq, but at least Congress was involved in the decision and retained the "power of the purse" to finally call a halt to those wars. The letter writer appears to feel that attacking Iran and Syria would be "a cakewalk" and that "American troops will be greeted with flowers" and other such happy horseshit.
Thanks heavesn we've had the following statement from the Speaker and Majority Leader: "The president does not have the authority to launch military action in Iran without first seeking congressional authorization." ("Pelosi and White House trade barbs on troops" Jan 20)
Yay, Harry & Nancy! I feel ten times safer with them sharing the driver's seat.

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