Reasons for opposing Iraq War

There are many reasonable, and even correct, reproofs that one may have for the conduct of the war. They are, to be sure, all retrospective.

There are a great many things wrong with this op-ed from the Wall St Journal, but this passage is particularly offensive. It was quite clear long before the invasion of Iraq began that it was a grossly immoral and completely unjustified exercise in raw power. Personally, it was quite clear to me long before the war began that Iraq did not possess nuclear weapons of any sort, nor did it possess the ability to produce any such weapons. I was convinced that there was a measurable probability that it possessed chemical or biological weapons, but it was quite clear that it had no ability to deliver said weapons.

Attacking a country that posed no threat to our country, especially considering that "Shock & Awe" was a deliberately planned part of that attack, was immoral. Attacking a country that turned over a 12,000 page document demonstrating that it had no WMD withot making the slightest attempt to prove that the document was false (And which to this day has not been proven false in any of it's particulars) was completely unjustified.

It was also my observation that Afghanistan had been nowhere near reconstructed. Major combat operations were completed in November 2001 and it was clear that no serious reconstruction had taken place by the time the Iraq War was being considered. It was my conclusion then and that conclusion has been proven correct since, that the Bush Administration's reconstruction of Iraq after the conquest would be similarly negligent.

No, my reasons for opposing the Iraq War were never "retrospective." I opposed it long before it broke out for the very same reasons that I oppose it today. My reasons were consistent with those of millions of other people around the world and our numbers grow larger all the time.

BTW, www.prawnworks.net lists 10 reasons as to why PRAWN currently opposes the Iraq War. It has not been necessary to update it very much.

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