The court scholar serving Hermann of Thuringia.

The court scholar serving Hermann of Thuringia.
The scholar


I'm sorry, but this is pathetic!

I had just finished reading about LaShawn Barber in the comments section to this post (Yes, it's a satire) when I beheld this post. This gives me great insight to the chickenhawk mindset. Barber sounds brave and true and full of bravado at first:

If I’m ever captured by Muslim maniacs or non-Muslim maniacs who gave me a choice between denying my Savior and death, I’d want to face death with all the dignity I had left.

Hear, hear! Dignity's a good thing and if someone believe's strongly enough in their religion that they'd rather die than renounce it, I'm all in favor of that. Doesn't matter who your god or goddess is, if you believe that strongly, then hoo yah for you!

But then:

[Clarification: If I gave the impression that I thought I would “lose” my salvation if I denied Christ, I certainly didn’t intend to, though the previous sentence may read that way. The Bible teaches that once Christ forgives us, we’re always forgiven...]

Aw c'mon! What happened to all of that fine, fine, pure, righteous, determined belief?!?! Barber figures, well because, y'know, as she's saved anyway, no need to actually, y'know, take any risk of actual physical harm. What?!?! To assume that one is saved is the absolute height of arrogance! Barber speaks as though she's got her ticket all pre-punched and ready. She knows where she's headed to and she's looking forward to it! Sorry, but we get judged after death. Whether one believes in predestination or not, no one on Earth knows the mind of God. No one knows what the decision is until after there's no more chance for any do-overs.

If Barber was male and of fighting age (I have no idea how old she is), she'd assuredly be a chickenhawk. Someone who talks all brave and tough when there's no danger, but who runs and hides when the situation appears risky.

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