Bush Administration: evil or stupid?

I once served temporary duty onboard the USS Hunley (AS-31) as it went down to Florida to do something about Hurricane Andrew (1992), we had a big blue generator aboard to power all of the ship's electrical devices. Normally, the Hunley's engines produced all of the power the ship needed, but technology had outstripped the capacity of the ship to keep up. Wild, off-the-top-of-my-head guess is that the generator was about 20'x20'x70'. Well, it seems the NSA is in a bit of a bind that a spare generator can't fix. The NSA covers 350 acres (A football field is a little less than an acre) and they knew a decade ago that they were short of electrical power.

The NSA is already unable to install some costly and sophisticated new equipment, including two new supercomputers, for fear of blowing out the electrical infrastructure, they said.

Yeah, yeah, I know, that means Clinton was in office for four of those years, so we can properly blame him for not getting right on that. Nevertheless, Bush has been in office for almost six years, so its kinda hard to blame the last guy for the continued failure to see to it that the supersecret spy agency had enough electrical power to perform its mission.

Y'know, it's things like this that make one wonder whether the Bush Administration is evil or stupid. My tendency of course, is to consider them evil. But this latest bollixing up makes me wonder.

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jay lassiter said...

definitely stupid and evil.