Bush still pushes "Flypaper" theory

Kind of amazing to see President Bush draw exactly the wrong conclusion from the utter failure of the "Flypaper" theory.

"Bush: London attacks show need to stay on offense"

And of course we get the standard, obligatory 9/11 reference: "Bush said the London attacks were a reminder of the 'evil' of the Sept. 11 attacks and underscored that the United States and its allies were fighting a 'global war on terror.' "

Then we get the old, usual comment about the long-discredited "flypaper" theory: " 'We will stay on the offense, fighting the terrorists abroad so we do not have to face them at home,' Bush said.".

Do Bush's followers notice that London got bombed even though the US Army was fully engaged in Iraq? Can't Bush's followers see that the Iraq War is not diverting anything from anywhere? That the war is not helping Americans to be safe at home? What is so difficult about this?

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