Beginning of the push-back?

Progressive blogs, websites, Democratic politicians and some military people have been warning for months that the US military is overstretched and is having a hard time dealing with the Iraq War. Compounding the problem has been the refusal of Republicans from President Bush on down to call upon Americans to sign up to be infantrymen for this "War on Terror" Looks like the SCO, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, composed of Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan is now asking the US when it plans to abandon its' bases in Afghanistan.

``We support and will support the international coalition, which is carrying out an anti-terror campaign in Afghanistan, and we have taken note of the progress made in the effort to stabilize the situation,'' the SCO said in a declaration at a summit in the Kazakh capital.

``As the active military phase in the anti-terror operation in Afghanistan is nearing completion, the SCO would like the coalition's members to decide on the deadline for the use of the temporary infrastructure and for their military contingents' presence in those countries,'' it said.
A Kremlin foreign policy adviser, Sergei Prikhodko, said the group had not demanded an immediate withdrawal. But he added it was ``important for the SCO members to know when the (U.S.) troops will go home.''

What could their motivation possibly be? Well, it appeared that the US was "encouraging the overthrow of Central Asia's pro-Russian authoritarian governments." a few months back, at least according to Bush's "good friend" "Pooty-poot" (Putin)

The Left Coaster points out that:

Remember your opposition to the Iranian gas pipeline deal between Iran, India, and Pakistan, George? Wanna know what good you did?

It wasn't good for the country you claim to lead!

Iran, India and Pakistan joined the SCO Tuesday as observers.
If they become fully fledged members, the group will represent half the world's population.
[emphasis in original]

Situation's not looking too good for people who want to play "world domination". Seems they forgot they're not dealing with a static situation. The US attempt to bully Iran may backfire badly with Iran already suspicious of US intentions, but the US not really able to do anything to carry out it's more aggressive designs.
Bears close watching.

The US has rejected the call from the SCO to set a withdrawal date from airbases in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.under the justification of still being needed in Afghanistan. Secretary of State Rice: "...there are still a lot of terrorist activities in Afghanistan."

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