The bombings in London

I thought about London today and remembered a very recent statement from our President. I looked and sure enough, it was only on the 21st of last month:

Our troops are fighting these terrorists in Iraq so you will not have to face them here at home.

Bloggers discussed this "Flypaper" theory back a year or so ago and concluded it was a completely idiotic notion. There is no fixed or solid "lump of terrorism" and never will be. The number of people engaged in terroristic tactics depends on many, many factors that have very little to do with purely military responses.
It's been pointed out that the attack in London was a very low-tecch operation, one that didn't require a lot of money, equipment or fancy resources. Even if the war in Iraq was diverting jihadists from fighting Americans "here at home", then very obviously, the war will never divert enough manpower or resources to prevent attacks like this.
Bush offers false comfort. The "flypaper" theory is an idiots game.
The esteemed Juan Cole gives his view on the bombing as al Qaida has been strongly suspected of being behind it. Cole refers to Bush's "incompetent crusade" in Iraq and interprets the bombings as serving a larger theatrical purpose.

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