Thoughts on flyers

From a Facebook buddy:

I think that a future event should have a well thought out flyer a month before event, to build up anticipation.

I agree completely. Having both produced and distributed many pre-event flyers, I believe each one needs the following elements:

  • Identification of the group(s) sponsoring the event (Many groups like listing all of their co-sponsors, as well)
  • Eye-catching graphic(s) - should be around a quarter of the page. Ken Heard feels children are necessary elements, I like flags myself, close-ups of people are good, pictures should be upbeat and on the cheerful side
  • Time/date/place event will take place
  • Sponsor contact information
  • Any specifics, such as if payment/contribution is requested

For most events, that doesn't leave a whole lot of room for much else. As flyers are also posted in coffee shops, churches, colleges, etc., we also have to make sure that the flyer is designed cleanly enough to be read at a fair distance.

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