The Client List

Interesting flick! Just saw it on a rental. Jennifer Love Hewitt plays someone who was the prettiest girl in high school, then a happily-married mother of three, then...a hooker! No question, Hewitt sure enough was a purty thang in I know what you did last summer, Heartbreakers (With Gene Hackman and Sigourney Weaver) and the TV series Ghost Whisperer, so I could see the role as being a natural for her in some respects. Before the movie goes into the sin, the downfall and then the redemption of Samantha Horton (Hewitt's character), she does something interesting, she adopts that good ol' American can-do, entrepreneurial attitude and gives some serious thought as to how she can improve her appeal and increase her share of customers. She comes up with an interesting answer.
BTW, I notice that the movie was apparently pretty successful as it's going to be a TV series!

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