"Last Friday" protest at Broad & Cherry Sts 5:00-6:00pm

Well, once again we're going to do a "Last Friday" demonstration and once again, the New York Times gives us ample reason to think that they're in the tank and collaborating to gin up a war with Iran.
In the NY Times we get yet another sca-a-a-reee, scary tale about how Iran is surely supplying weapons to Iraqi insurgents. These are the shaped explosive devices where a piece of copper is melted and then shoved at high speed into the target. Problem is, there's no reason to think Iran is manufacturing them. Shaped charges go all the way back to World War I and we learned back in February that a Baghdad machine shop was found manufacturing small copper disks.
The story is of course absolutely chock-full of anonymous sources, and at a piece in firedoglake.com the author examines 13 instances where unknown officials assure us that Iran is surely the bad guy here. Why, the sources even include unknown, anonymous Democrats!
Yep, sure is believable!
The "Last Friday" protest takes place at Broad & Cherry Streets just a few blocks North of City Hall from 5:00 to 6:00pm.

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