Ann Althouse, faux liberal

From a blog post about Ann Althouse going nuts on an interviewer, I was struck by Ann's insistence that she was a liberal. That didn't sound right to me as I had run across her name before in connection with the government's warrantless wiretapping case. Sure enough, I found the following quote:

Althouse's commentary, which culminated in a New York Times Op-Ed piece today, struck me as a poorly reasoned ad hominem attack on [Judge Anna Diggs] Taylor and a "divine right of kings" defense of the president...

Also, this quote from Lawyers, Guns & Money pretty much clinches it:

It's highly unpersuasive on its face to claim that feminist can have absolutely nothing to do with a President with a relatively good record on woman's rights [Bill Clinton] because of a consensual (though potentially objectionable from a feminist perspective) affair. But coming from someone who strongly supports George Bush and Sam Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court, this absolutism is laughable.

Nah, Althouse is no liberal. She may pretend to have that status, but she sounds like one of Susan Faludi's "faux feminists," someone who claims to have "once been a feminist but got better." Faludi pointed out that the funny thing about the great majority of "faux feminists," is that they all seem to be quite vague about their feminist days and how exactly they expressed their feminism and frankly all appear to have a lot of weird ideas about just what the term "feminist" meant in the first place.

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Peter Patau said...

She's a liberal in the sense that a concern trolls might consider themselves liberal.