Problem with DLCers

Another Democratic operative, Daniel Gerstein, said his party's candidates need to proceed cautiously with rhetoric condemning the president. "If all people hear about your message is you're against taking all reasonable measures to protect the country from terrorism and you don't want the CIA listening to Al Qaeda, it puts us in an even deeper hole on this issue," he said.

Now, this is exactly what we mean when we say that people like this and Joe Lieberman and such are traitors to the Democratic Party. This is a Republican talking point through and through. No one in America is suggesting that al Qaeda members should be able to talk amongst themselves without being listened to and the Bush Administration is completely unable to present warrantless wiretapping by the NSA as being a "reasonable measure." Major problem with the latter is that the "fish" caught by the "net" are completely nonexistent. Had the program resulted in anything more than a blatant violation of Constitutional rights, the Bush people wouldn't be in so much hot water over it.
Just for the fun of it, I ran a Google search on "
Daniel Gerstein" and found out, sure enough, he's a Lieberman guy, who's mentioned in DailyKos as:

First, I like how Gerstein and the rest of the DLCers throw out the term "angry activist base" as if its a derogatory epithet, as if we really have nothing to be angry about but rather are seething just for shits and giggles. The base is rightly angry precisely because the party is being pulled away from the mainstream and towards a GOP-lite by the likes of Gerstein and the other consultants.

This is in response to Gerstein referring to those who favor discarding the Fourth Amendment as "...today's electorate, which is far more independent-thinking and complex in its views on values than our side presumes." Yeah, okay, we need to appeal to people who are blithering idiots and who have no conception of what separates the United States of America from the monarchies of Europe who ruled their people with an iron fist and made the word "freedom" appear to be a holy grail. Let's go back to the absolute monarchs of the 1700s, yeah, that'll fix everything. Who needs this "democracy" stuff anyway?

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