Debbie Schlussel

Bleagh! James Wolcott links us to Debbie Schlussel, who's so raunchy, calling her "skanky" would be to compliment her. She refers to Sharon Stone visiting Israel by constant references to "crotch-shots", delivers furious commentary as to Stone's views on the Arab-Israeli conflict, perhaps saddest of all, Schlussel finds something negative to say about the following statement:

During her visit, Stone played football with a mixed group of Israeli and Palestinian children on Wednesday and later visited Israeli hospitals that care for Palestinian children.

Yes, Schlussel even finds something negative to say about that and called Stone "crotch-woman" while doing so!
Schlussel has obviously attracted the right advertisers, though. One of the ads beside her piece had a reasonably attractive brunette wearing a t-shirt that said: "Hippies Smell". I think the last hippies died out and became stockbrokers when? The 80s? Not only is someone wearing a t-shirt with a truly nasty message, it's about 20 years out of date! Comments from her readers are no better.
Serious bottom-feeder of a slimy website

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