State of the Union
Observed at Arch St United Methodist Church
31 Jan 06

Moderated by Rev Robert Hynicka - Arch St
Ed Schwartz - Institute for Study of Civic Values
Rev James Allen - Vine St Memorial Baptist Church
Rabbi Avi Winokur - Society Hill Synagogue
Sister Mary Scullion - Project HOME

Just how dedicated IS this president to establishing a society on the model set forth by John Winthrop and William Penn?
Values are the focus of tonight's talk.
Alito represents a backwards move. Death of Coretta Scott King is not a hopeful sign either. It'd sure be nice to receive some sign that the president or someone, cares about the many problems outlined.
The difficult life of those in poverty. 13,000 families have income equal to those of 20 million other families. 100 million people have less than 1% of nation's wealth.
About quarter of nation is really struggling financially, tomorrow Congress considers bill to reduce deficit. We must make it happen.

(2100 = 9:00pm)

2100: Introductions and cheering for individual guests. Presume that lengthy cheering indicates short speech.
2108: President finally announced
2112: Enters. Acknowledges CSK. Calls for goodwill and mutual respect. We can choose to take on challenge or seek an easier life.
2116: Mentions 9-11
2117: Mentions purple fingers and other democratic "triumphs".
2118: "Radical Islam" is the enemy. They seek "totalitarian control" over Mideast. Lots of clapping in Congress, Audience quite calm here.
2120: Rejects false comfort of isolationism. Seeks to marginalize insurgency.
2122: Declares "We are winning"
2123: Critical decisions NOT made by politicians in Washington DC
2124: Criticizes critics.
2127: Introduces first guest of honor. Calls upon Americans to "never forget sacrifices of military families".
2130: Democracies of Mideast will not look like our own. Criticizes Iran. We respect Iran but look forward to democratic Iran.
2132: Mentions AIDS, other problems.
2133: Keep watch for terrorism here at home.
2134: Reauthorize Patriot Act! Mentions 9-11 again.
2135: Terrorist surveillance program i.e. NSA spying program
2137: Economy in great shape. Against protectionism. Immigrants necessary.
2140: Tax cuts led to four years of uninterrupted growth. Pushes for permanent tax cuts. Big applause for that one.
2141: Cutting $14 billion next year. Wants line-item veto. Wants to rein in entitlement spending. Congress failed to act on Social Security. Audience here laughs. Wants bipartisan solution to problem of baby-boomers.
2145: Calls for orderly, secure borders.
2147: Wants to use health info tech to reduce costs.
2148: Medical liability reform gets enthusiastic applause. Calls for alternative energy sources. Congress sounds very enthusiastic. Audience here wants to see actual progress.
2153: Calls for compassionate, decent, hopeful society. Things are wonderful and people have quietly progressed.
2156: Mentions Roberts & Alito.
2157: Calls for banning of all cloning technology.
2159: Wife
2200: $85 billion spent on Gulf Coast.
2203: Ends. Audience here quiet and impassive throughout.

Speakers started out with pro-Bush speaker. Every single other speaker anti-Bush, one of whom read out Fourth Amendment. Speaker points out that one companie's profit for one quarter equals total spending on all alternative energy research.

Speakers after comments universally critical.

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