Gonzales' upcoming testimony on NSA spying

DailyKos looks at the preview of Gonzales' testimony that will be delivered Monday:

Gonzales also plans to chastize the media, saying "Contrary to the speculation reflected in some media reporting, "the terrorist surveillance program is not a dragnet that sucks in all conversations and uses computer searches to pick out calls of interest."

Really? Someone forgot to tell Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff:

"Now, what we're trying to do is gather as many dots as we can, figure out which are the ones that have to be connected and we're getting them connected," he said.

While refusing to discuss how the highly classified program works, Chertoff made it pretty clear that it involves "data-mining" -- collecting vast amounts of international communications data, running it through computers to spot key words and honing in on potential terrorists.

Hey, if the Bush Administration had released the surveillance logs to people that we, the citizens of the United States could trust to tell us the truth, well maybe we wouldn't be having such a problem with speculation.

Dunno, with both a terroroist attack on the SuperBowl predicted and the Bush Administration getting increasingly impatient with Iran, seems like the testimony might never take place. AmericaBlog wonders "With what Army?" Oh, and Richard Perle argues for striking Iran sooner rather than later.

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