Motivated! Dedicated!

From page 300 of The Great Game. In 1860, a Russian officer completes his mission in China and jumps on his horse:

Six weeks after leaving Peking (Nowadays called Beijing), Ignatiev arrived in St. Petersburg (About 5150 miles or 122 miles a day). Once again he had ridden the whole way across Asia, this time in the middle of winter. After his filthy clothes, crawling with lice and fleas, had been removed and burned, he was summoned to report to the Tsar at the Winter Palace.

And, not surprisingly after his diplomatic feat in China as well as that heroic feat of travel

There, in recognition of his remarkable services to his country, he was awarded the coveted Order of St. Vladimir by the delighted Alexander.

Sounds like a highly deserved reward! In the Navy, we'd call that

Rah! Rah! Rah!

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