Round-up on various stories

My piece on what the next Congress might look like.

A piece by a Muslim man about the recent Time Magazine cover (Featuring an Afghan woman with her nose cut off and suggesting that American occupation will solve that problem) and how Muslim women have generally fared under Western occupations (Hint: Not well).

Right-wingers are very upset at how reality has such a strong liberal bias that right-wing pieces are not popular on the social networking site Digg. This lengthy piece goes into how right-wingers have tried to "game" the system as to how Digg rates articles.

Christine Romer is leaving the Obama Administration due to her not having any influence on the President's economic policies. She'll be missed as she called for good things to happen.

President Obama is in deep political trouble because Snooki disapproves of him! Augh! Screech! No, no, no!!! Erm, wait a minute! Wha?!?! Who is Snooki? Oh, she's a person from the reality show "Jersey Shore." Um, er, okay.

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