Comparing crises

WaPo columnist David Broder had a truly stupid column the other day, suggesting that the American public would soon begin comparing President Obama and the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to Jimmy Carter and the Iranian hostage crisis that occurred on Carter's "watch."
They haven't built a popular new television program around it -- yet. No one has created a new media franchise for himself out of it [yet]. There isn't a name for it that has become part of popular culture [yet]. [emphases and "[yet]" added]
Broder seems to be awfully eager for the BP oil spill to be blamed on Obama, even though it really can't reasonably be blamed on him. But ya know what's interesting? People are blaming the spill on, well, exactly the people who are responsible for it, BP! HuffPo presents "pictures from two of the protests in NYC and DC, calling for the seizure of BP's assets."

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