Froomkin's firing & Krauthammer's delusions

Astonishing. Absolutely astonishing that the WaPo would fire their most perceptive, principled, hands-down best columnist Dan Froomkin in favor of the miserable hack Charles Krauthammer. Krauthammer, who objects to calling Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei Iran's "Supreme Leader."

Uh, "Supreme Leader" is Khamenei's proper title. That's kind of like Vladimir Putin calling Barack Obama "Mr. President." I notice also that Krauthammer can't be bothered to even try to pretend that he's paid any attention whatsoever to what the Iranian opposition has been very clearly and unambiguously saying since their election was stolen, i.e., stay out! Iran's opposition wants the US to keep its distance, to back off and to not discredit them with too close an embrace. In other words, President Obama is doing precisely what those brave people dying in the streets of Iran want him to do.

Krauthammer's mention of an "Arab spring" shows that he's still blinded by the same visions of glory and of reconstructing the entire Mideast along a "Made in the USA" design. This design motivated neoconservatives to advocate the launching of the Iraq War. That same war has taken perhaps a million Iraqi lives and that has moved well over three million Iraqis out of their homes and into either other places in Iraq or into neighboring countries. Will Iraq ever be a happier country than it was on February 2003? It seems they're on the way to getting there, but it's quite obvious that the grand neocon project is long since hopelessly broken and lying in the dust. That project will never recover, but neocons like Krauthammer would much rather see more blood, death and destruction than to admit that their hopeless project was always based upon delusions.

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