This is from a right-wing source?

Kind of interesting to see that this piece is actually from a right-wing source as it makes precisely the same complaints about our frivolous, decadent press corps that many liberals make (Hat tip to GG). Especially telling were these commenters:

Fred [Thompson] won't kowtow to the media's useful idiots. I'd rather hear a candidate say what he really thinks about the matters that are important to the country, than one who just utters talking points and lies down like a rug for some talking head.

What can I say? Yee-hah!! That was followed by (Another comment further down):

I would consider voting for Fred just for the entertainment value of watching him spend four years slapping around the drooling half-wits in the MSM. 

and another:

The MSM including FOX has gone out of its way to ignore and minimize Fred's viability. They are running as fast as they can away from Conservatism.


In treating the media dolts exactly they way deserve to be treated.
I heard him do a similar slap down on Fox this a.m. When asked why he wasn't making more progress, he pointedly stated that it would be helpful if Fox had reported his success in Iowa, rather than ignoring him completely. 

and this one combines sharp analysis with a reminder that this is, after all, a conservative blog:

For the MSM, It's all about

Column inches and air time! For the reporters of the press and TVs talking heads, exposure equals higher salaries and more power. Still celebrating their role in the Vietnam War defeat they have been humiliated by their failure to take down George Bush and are trying to again become kingmakers. That Fred pretty much refuses to spend time discussing the minutia of the campaign, preferring instead to discuss the serious and important issues that a president will be expected to face, rankles them to no end. Hilarys laugh, Edwards hairdo, Romneys religion, those are the subjects the media wants to discuss, not the important issues that this country faces. No wonder the public rates the media somewhere lower than whale poop!

Hm. The "MSM's" "failure to take down George Bush" eh? Erm, since when did they ever attempt to do so? A press corps that was trying to "take down" Bush would be talking up warrantless wiretapping and Chris Dodd's attempt to filibuster a bill that would have legalized it and the full-court press against Dodd and the Constitution that followed. As former Senator George McGovern points out, it's not like the press would be taking Bush down due to any unworthy motives.

But anyway, it's very interesting to see the right and left-wing blogs agree on something.

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