Letter to my local paper on "Missing news"

Usually, I comment only on stories that the Inquirer has actually published and simply note for myself stories that the Inquirer does not see fit to cover, but I'm really amazed to see the Inquirer completely ignore first the Bill Moyers PBS show on "the mainstream media's failure to question the government's official line on the reasons for going to war with Iraq" (Anti-Moyers view from WorldNetDaily and preview from Editor & Publisher) and then the whole David "Dean of American Journalists" Broder's column that provoked a repudiation from 50 United States Senators.
Neither story was a front-page, above-the-fold, stop-the-presses attention-getter, but I find it absolutely amazing that neither story was deemed worthy of so much as a mention. The Philadelphia Inquirer was owned by the Knight-Ridder chain during the period that Bill Moyers' report covers and so has much less to be embarrassed about than the New York Times does, which also ignores the PBS show.
David Broder has long been seen as the premiere, top-of-the-ladder columnist that all other columnists were advised to take their cues from, but has been descending further and further into delusions and fantasy and finally provoked an absolutely stunning repudiation that, by all rights, should have sent shockwaves throughout the whole world of political-press relations.
I would hope that both stories are simply being reserved for your Sunday edition as the Inquirer just didn't develop a sufficiently coherent "party line" on both stories yet.

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