The court scholar serving Hermann of Thuringia.

The court scholar serving Hermann of Thuringia.
The scholar


Kind of interesting

NRO features a short set of conservatives talking about their favorite presidents for President's Day. Two of them gush over the sheer wonderfulness of Ronald Reagan. One of them credits Reagan with ending the Cold War. I'll admit that Reagan was in office while the Cold War was drawing to a close. Harry Truman's "containment" policy was successful and happened to be cracking apart the Soviet Union by the 1980s. Granted, one cannot assume that people will do the right thing and yes, Reagan avoided doing anything stupid that would have prolonged that war.
Other than that questionable accomplishment, both of the pro-Reagan people limit themselves to talking about the effect he had on national morale. There don't seem to be any other real accomplishments to his name.
Interestingly, G.W. Bush doesn't make anybody's list. Not surprising, as Bush's biggest accomplishment to date has been the treaty wit North Korea, a treaty he could have obtained long ago, but was too busy playing "Emperor of the World" to actually get a round to doing.

This [agreement with North Korea] represents a significant departure from the Bush administration's previously failed policy. And in that respect, I agree entirely with the statement John Bolton made yesterday [Tuesday] in criticizing this agreement, which, he said, "contradicts fundamental premises of the president's policy". So I agree with Bolton, that this contradicts the fundamental premises of the failed policy followed by the administration and supported by people like Mr Bolton and Vice President [Dick] Cheney.

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