Again, the complete idiocy of "make the Army bigger"

To whack away again at the DLC/Joe Lieberman solution of "Let's just wave a magic wand and magically make the US Army bigger," here's a public opinion study quoted in DailyKos:

Frustration with the [Iraq] war is further reflected in the fact that only 23 percent of respondents indicated that U.S. troops in Iraq should be "maintained at the current level." A plurality of Americans - 27 percent - now advocate the complete withdrawal of U.S. troops, while a combined 31 percent of Americans want the number of U.S. troops in Iraq to be decreased "some" or "a lot." Only 19 percent of respondents want U.S. troop levels "increased a lot" or "increased some." [emphasis added]

In other words, even if we could somehow make the Army bigger, very few Americans want that bigger force to be used to reinforce the units currently fighting in Iraq. Again, proposing a bigger force is a great way to bamboozle low-information voters into thinking that you're proposing a real solution, but it's quite uselss for actually solving anything.

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