Ford Motor Co & Gay Community

AmericaBlog has been on an absolute jihad against Ford Motor Company Link is to Ford press release which states: "Advertising decisions for all our brands are driven strictly by a business case, including Volvo, which has decided to market directly to the gay and lesbian community" which of course implies that most of Ford doesn't market to the "gay and lesbian community". Another article shows that there's "less than meets the eye" to Volvo's "commitment".
On December 3rd, The Advocate reported that:

"The antigay American Family Association claimed a cultural victory on Thursday and called off its threatened boycott of Ford Motor Co. On Friday, Ford spokesman Mike Moran confirmed to Advocate.com that the company will stop advertising its Jaguar and Land Rover brands in gay publications but insisted it was strictly a business decision."

Two days later, Ford confirmed that they made their decision based on pressure from the AFA. The same day, EVERY GLBT group in the US came out against the Ford Motor Company's decision. On the 7th, Ford agreed to no longer sponsor gay events. The Kraft Food Company has shown itself to be a hero in this case with the statement:

"It's easy to say you support a concept or a principle when nobody objects. The real test of commitment is how one reacts when there are those who disagree."

AmericaBlog provides lots and lots of contact information to let concerned citizens know how to contact Ford.

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