Timeline on Katrina crisis

Beginning of Katrina crisis now dated from Sunday, August 28 as that's when official letter from Louisiana Governor to the President requesting a declaration of a major disaster was made. It was known at that point that Katrina was a "Category V Hurricane."”

The levee broke on Monday. President did not begin work on it until Wednesday, August 31st. As we know, President Bush was busy strumming a guitar with country-music stars, making a speech on why America must destroy the 70-year-old Social Security program, celebrating VJ Day and celebrating Senator John McCain's birthday.
I guess that's more important than dealing with rats gnawing at the body of a woman who has lain out in the open for two days after her death and river water filled with contaminatests flooding the streets of a city founded in 1718 and needing to be evacuated for the first time ever. And yes, people around the world have noticed. As late as the 2nd of September, the Federal Government still hadn't gotten it's bearings.

Elsewhere in the government-

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was still on vacation as late as September 1st. She caught a Broadway show, played tennis with Monica Seles and shopped for shoes.

Ken Mehlman's letter to Republican voters to support the "“Paris Hilton Tax Cut"” on September 1st was no isolated, one-time notion. Grover Norquist is urging that Congress pass it on an urgent basis, Senator Frist agrees. Vote is scheduled for Tuesday.

And the Department of Defense was urging employees to attend the country music concert scheduled for September 11th on September 1st.

PhillyIMC has reprinted a piece from DC IndyMedia.

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