US opens negotiations with Iraqi military resistance

We learn from a British newspaper (Why can't American newspapers break these big stories?) that the Bush Administration has been "negotiating with terrorists" in Iraq. Of course, it's not quite as simple as that:

The Americans were then said to have launched into a lengthy session of questioning about the structure of the insurgency, which is far from a unified entity.

The links between these groups remain murky and the American team began to irritate the Iraqis with what some saw as a crude attempt to gather intelligence. They asked questions about the “hierarchy and logistics of the groups, how they functioned, how orders were dispatched, how they divide their work and so on”, the Iraqi source said.

“It was a boring line of questioning that indicated an attempt to discover more about their enemy than about finding solutions,” one of the sources added. “We told the translator to inform them that if they persisted with this line we would all walk out of the meeting.”

In any event, the story shows that, once again, as has been proven time and again since Ronald Reagan took office back in 1981, that "no negotiations with terrorists" simply is not, never was and never will be a workable strategy.

Also, the sharp-eyed reader might notice that in an earlier post, I described how silly it was that Bush keeps talking about the armed opposition as though he could "see into their souls" and all that happy horse manure. Quite obviously, if negotiators were making a "crude attempt to gather intelligence" into basic and fundamental matters such as the command structure of the armed opposition, then Bush had absolutely NO basis whatsoever for pretending that he had all this deep, subtle, intricate knowledge about their thoughts and feelings and motivations.

UPDATE: Billmon comments on the confusion caused in conservative/Republican ranks by the switchover from "never negotiate with terrorists" to "well, it's okay to negotiate with some of them some of the time."

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Anonymous said...


How pathetic! Bush is turning out to be a weepy, no-good, liberal. We elected him to kick some Iraqi rear. Turns out he is kissing their terroristic bottoms.

Most of us want to take the battle to the home of the terrorists – no travel all the way there to humiliate ourselves and be labeled as sissies. This is the most alarming piece of news to come out of Iraq. It is such abject humiliation to the Great American Cause. The traitorous SOBs in Washington who approved it should be sent to Guantanamo. I hope it is not Bush who approved it. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE HUMILIATION!