Why Joe Lieberman is a traitor

Amazingly, this is a fact that requires explanation. There are still people out there who just don't get it. The Republicans put up S. 256, the Bankruptcy Reform Bill to make bankruptcy harder while of course making life easier for credit card companies. Thus, the citizen gets hit with reduced financial options, while the people profiting off of financial hardship get to make more money than ever. As the LA Times says:

The bankruptcy bill that passed a key vote in the Senate on Tuesday is driven by the premise that the nation is under siege by an army of deadbeats running up credit card bills, declaring personal bankruptcy and sticking honest Americans with the tab. That's the credit card and banking industries' story, and they're sticking to it. We can all guess who will profit from the bill.

Senator Joe Lieberman is identified as one of the Senators who made the bankruptcy bill possible. Apparently, he had second thoughts:

Lieberman Statement on Vote Against Bankruptcy Reform Bill

WASHINGTON - Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) today made the following statement on the passage of S. 256 the Bankruptcy Reform Bill by a vote of 74 to 25.

“I have always supported bankruptcy reform legislation in the Senate when it has reflected a bipartisan effort to enact a balanced bill for both debtors and creditors and I have opposed it when confronted with a bill that seemed one-sided. This is not a balanced bill. I voted against this bill because it failed to close troubling loopholes that protect wealthy debtors, and yet it deals harshly with average Americans facing unforeseen medical expenses or a sudden military deployment. The Senate simply rejected out of hand many worthwhile amendments that would have protected these and other working Americans who find themselves in dire financial straits through no fault of their own. As a result, I believe this is a seriously flawed bill and I am disappointed at its passage.”

The Bull Moose responds with a piece describing Lieberman's on-the-one-hand, on-the-other-hand, voting-versus-editorializing stance as:

This should be a lesson for all those lefties who have been in a full-throated fury against Joe. He is a Democrat in the proud tradition of Truman, JFK and Scoop. Unfortunately, some in the party are in a purge mode to ensure that the donkey will be in the wilderness as long as old Moses and the chosen ones.

As for the Moose, he prefers tough, independent and smart donkeys. Undoubtedly, apologies will be on the way to Joe from those misguided lefties.

Major problem here. There was an appropriate time and place to force the Republicans to go back to the drawing board and come up with an alternative to the bankruptcy bill. Senators (and Representatives) have frequently sent bills back to be re-thought, re-negotiated and re-justified. That time was during the time when the bankruptcy bill was being voted on. Now that the bill is law, it's a completely useless waste of time and space to say “Gee, I wasn't completely happy with that bill.”

Example of what I mean involve what some consider netiquette (Internet etiquette). When one posts a full article without qualifying it in any way, that's considered an endorsement in full. An acquaintance of mine sent out an email in 1998 calling Bill Clinton's behavior with Monica Lewinsky “disgusting” and that railed on about how awful Clinton was and how he should be impeached. My acquaintance was very distressed because liberals she had sent the email to “...acted as though I had written it! I was just passing it on!”. As we in the Navy say about various crimes and misdemeanors, she “knowingly and deliberately” passed it on. She passed the message on in the full knowledge of what it said and should have been aware of how people would take it. Another example is that I recently had a buddy pass on an email about how Giuliana Sgrena got shot at near an American roadblock in Baghdad. I hit the “reply all” button and said that I thought the headline blaming the Americans for deliberately opening fire went beyond the evidence provided in the piece (I've since concluded there is strong evidence to believe the accusation is true, but that doesn't excuse the headline as they still went beyond the evidence that was available at the time.) My buddy told me later that he had doubts about the article. Well, again, according to netiquette, the time and place to have said so was in the message that contained the original article. My buddy passed on the article wholesale and without comment, meaning he endorsed it in full.

By the same token, there was a time and a place for Lieberman to have objected to the bankruptcy bill. That was when the bill was being voted on in the Senate. For Lieberman to come out later saying he wasn't entirely happy with the bill was a classic case of “too little, too late”. Lieberman is a traitor to the Democratic Party and should be campaigned against in 2006.


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Rich Gardner said...

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Jews control the Federal Reserve? Are you speaking of individual Jewish people or the Jewish people as a whole? Documentation please.

Anonymous said...

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Amalek said...

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Rich Gardner said...

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Anonymous said...

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Rich Gardner said...

Bernanke describes Federal Reserve policy as flawed in much the same way that a doctor would describe "bleeding" a patient as flawed. It was thought back during the medieval era that getting rid of "bad blood" was a good thing to do, it was thought that the Federal Reserve's monetary policy was a good policy. It's kind of a stretch to describe his speech as any sot of apology.

The idea that bombing Iran will prevent the US from falling into an economic depression is something I'd categorize as a fantastickal notion, something I'd put right in there with the theory tha Elvis and the martians will turn out Earth's next great single which will unite the planet in harmony.

Rich Gardner said...

Sorry Amalek, but your last comment was just too ridiculous to be published. You're banned from this blog.

Unknown said...

Yo Rich, nice telling us ADL propaganda. Pfft. Israel can go to hell. USA should be for USA, not for some foreign nation. Jews have WAY too much power here, via the neocons. Transparent Cabal - read it - and no, it's NOT anti semitic. That slur is getting really tired.

Lieberman took 1 million from insurance companies to screw the people over. It's time for home grown action, Mafia or Islamic style. DESTROY insurance companies, by any means necessary and drag out senators like Joe and beat the crap out of them. They need to FEEL the fear.