Update: Kerry apparently agrees

George Bush retreated from Fallujah and other communities in Iraq which are now overrun with terrorists and threaten our troops," Kerry said in the brief interview Wednesday. "And even today, he blundered again saying there are only a handful of terrorists in Iraq. I think he's living in a make believe world.

I'm not too wild about the reference to "terrorists" as that tracks with Bush's language for the resistanc (Howard Dean conspicuously refused to use administration language to describe things), but it's a campaign and Kerry has to appeal to more than us anti-war types.

And this is an interesting statement from the President's press conference:

As enemies of tyranny and terror, the people of Iraq and the American troops and civilians supporting their dreams of freedom have been the target of acts of violence. The enemies of freedom are using suicide bombing, beheadings and other horrific acts to try to block progress.

We're sickened by the atrocities. But we'll never be intimidated. And freedom is winning.

Uh, okay. Lemme see, the "American troops and civilians supporting their dreams of freedom" are running that country with absolutely no mandate whatsoever. There has been no popular vote on any matter. Nobody in the Iraqi government is elected. There have been polls indicating Iraqis want the United States out of their country NOW, Exactly whose tyranny do the Iraqis oppose?

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