Responding to a right-wing rant

BTW: I do not mean to suggest that left-wingers don't rant or that there's anything wrong with ranting, I'm just specifying what kind of statement I'm referring to.

The war on terrorism is a war against fanatical, racist, sexist, backward, oppressive mutants from hell. You antiwar morons should be ashamed of your overt displays of cowardice, ignorance, hypocrisy, anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, and support for terrorists who would just as soon kill you than look at you.
You babbling idiots rant and rave against racism, sexism and oppression, yet the Islamic Neanderthals you support currently run, or used to run, the most racist, sexist and oppressive regimes on Earth.
Dec. 3, 2003

It's reported in the NY Times that

New accounts from officials in Afghanistan and the United States indicate that five of the at least 57 Afghan detainees released have returned to the battlefield as Taliban commanders or fighters.

What this means is that even after holding Muslim prisoners for roughly two years, American interrogaters still had no idea of who was friendly and who was not. Obviously, as hostilities again moved up to "major combat operations" with the assaults on Fallujah and later Najaf, the US command cannot distinguish between groups of Muslims that are friendly to the US and those who are not.
So how, pray tell, are we to distinguish between "...fanatical, racist...terrorists who would just as soon kill you as look at you." and the good Muslims we can deal with? We can't even do that when people have been in custody for two years and when America was probably using the type of horrific abuses seen at Abu Ghraib.
Sounds to me like this guy is recommending the ol' "Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out" kind of pacification procedure.
So the question then becomes "How many Muslims are we willing to kill to get the bad guys?"
Sorry, but I believe the peaceniks have a better solution.

Update: The new government has done a survey of it's police force and has decided that 30,000 members are unsuitable and must be discharged. Gee, we did such a good job of deciding who was trustworthy...

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