The court scholar serving Hermann of Thuringia.

The court scholar serving Hermann of Thuringia.
The scholar


Should we ignore Ann Coulter?

Should we ignore Ann Coulter in the hope that she'll then go away? Media Matters argues no. First, she has a perch atop the media food chain anyway. "News" shows feature her in any event. Even worse, major media commentators repeat her charges. People you'd think wouldn't give her any credibility go around repeating what she says. With Coulter, you're simply getting the original, most hateful and venomous version. What you're not getting later from the major media is a version that's been watered down by facts or context, it's simply been softened to a more palatable form.

Also, keep in mind what Brent Bozell proclaimed:

“But Ann Coulter is owed an apology from those outlets, including NBC’s Nightly News, The Washington Post and CNN’s American Morning, which have mis-reported her comments. And conservatives, take note: Today it’s Coulter, tomorrow it may be you. The left has demonstrated that it will stop at nothing, including flat-out dishonesty, to undermine our leaders.”

Remember conservatives, insult der obergruppenfuhrer (Michelle Malkin, the number two hatemonger in the Republican Party, is just a gruppenfuhrer.) and you insult the Republican Party, why you insult Dick Cheney himself!

Oh, and Chris Matthews, as one of Coulter's prime apologists/enablers, really, really needs to go away.

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