The court scholar serving Hermann of Thuringia.

The court scholar serving Hermann of Thuringia.
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War for Ukraine Day 827

Iryna Tsybukh, combat medic, dies.

Five-story residential building hit. “There is a fire. There may be people under the rubble.”

Zelenskyy annoyed by Biden’s decision to attend a fundraiser on June 15th rather than Ukraine’s Peace Summit. Xi Jinping won’t attend either. Washington DC concerned over Ukraine’s attack on two Russian early warning radar systems. Washington is very concerned over Russia’s reaction. Ukraine doesn’t want to expand their army still further, but is facing pressure to.

Zelenskyy ‘thinks they want the war to go away before the [US] election’”

Biden loves Israel more than Netanyahu does.”

Secretary of State Blinken promises to “’adapt and adjust’ its position on Western weapons strikes against targets on Russian territory.” Okay, but Ukrainian soldiers and civilians are dying every day that the US takes to adapt. Meanwhile, Israel does as it pleases.

The US has allowed a marginal change in how Ukraine can attack its attackers.

Ukraine, however, is severely restricted by the Biden administration in how it can fight an existential defense against a genocidal re-invasion.”

Danish will permit F-16s to be used on Russian territory.

A Russian self-propelled 122 mm multiple rocket launcher,full of ammunition, gets hit.

Ferries crossing the Kerch Strait are hit with ATACMS.

Russia is now using mechanized attacks to attack Chasiv Yar


War for Ukraine Day 823


There are several corpses burned beyond recognition after Kharkiv is bombed. 8-year old Mykhailo gives DNA so that they might be able to identify if one of them is his missing father.

An 80-year old picture of a toddler handing another child a flower as they're in line to be gassed. Unfortunately, this resembles many, many other children in today’s world, living life while not realizing their circumstances.

A 12-year old girl finds her father dead in the hospital after Kharkiv is hit with nearly two dozen bombs.

Zelenskyy puts out a film where he asks whether Russia desires to negotiate.

“Ukraine has the world’s greatest experience of deception by Russia in negotiations. Deception, which, in particular, was Russia’s cover for the preparation of this war.”

Sweden gives Ukraine permission to use its weapons to directly strike Russia. US and Germany now have to either follow or get out of the way. The British realize: “International law is quite clear- Ukraine has a right to defend itself & that includes striking cross border”

Baltic countries and Poland will send their troops to Ukraine in the event of serious successes of the Russian military at the frontlines

Biden is engaging with both Russian and Israeli aggression “with only the most tepid and minimal pushback.” Putin is “probing with bayonets. Other than the Ukrainians themselves, he has yet to find steel.”

Sumy Oblast struck with 28 separate attacks.

Somehow, Russia considers itself entitled to have a safe zone.

Short film clip of a scene inside a home when a Russian missile strikes nearby.

Battle assessment.

Tatarigami and his Frontelligence Team have published a new investigation into Russian missile manufacturing.


War for Ukraine Day 818


Tucker Carlson now has a show on “Russia 24.”

Kharkiv is being pummeled by missiles. Ukraine’s soldiers tell me that they cannot adequately fight back without striking inside Russia.” US refuses to permit Ukraine to strike targets inside Russia. We’re essentially asking Ukraine to fight with one hand tied behind its back.

Zelenskyy is getting impatient. Says weapons are arriving, but too late.

Small weapons deliveries have allowed the Russian foe to adapt to Western aid.

The Russian advance toward Kharkiv has slowed down. Detailed summation of what the advance has been able to achieve.

Here is Tatarigami’s take on The Economist reporting above” What Russian strategy suggests is that they wanted to get within artillery rance of Kharkiv and to reduce the city.

Short film clip demonstrating effect of glide bombs.

Woo hoo! Another Russian ship, a Corvette, converted to a submarine!

Ukrainian naval drone launching unguided missiles in the direction of Russian positions on the Kinburn Peninsula, Mykolaiv/Kherson region.

Russian authorities have made a unilateral decision to change the sea borders of Russia with Lithuania and Finland in the Baltic Sea.

Now we wait to see what Lithuania and Finland do.


War in Ukraine 6May2024


Wow! Zelenskyy in Easter outfit! So rare to see him in anything but Army green. “We pray for all our cities and villages, that should feel the Lord’s grace, not the constant terror of evil, and which have black clouds hanging over them, and bombs and missiles coming from those who belong in hell, not in the Ukrainian sky.”

Russia hits Kharkiv with glide bombs, hitting the city center and apartment buildings. Sumy suffers massive fires.

Drones used to send Easter cakes to front-line troops.

A while ago, Russia was jamming GPS signals so that planes couldn’t safely land in the Baltic States. Seems that Russian sabotage is spreading. European intelligence agencies, especially those of Sweden, Germany and the Czech Republic, report an increase in Russian sabotage activity. “Russia has attempted to destroy the signalling systems on Czech railways, the country’s transport minister told the FT last month.” and “Putin is currently feeling “emboldened” and will seek to push lines as hard as he can in Europe”

Again, our blogger feels World War III began in 2007, it’s just mostly been a “non-kinetic” war. General Hodges examines things that the West fears about there being an active World War. First thing to understand is that deescalation has been tried and has decisively failed. Russia is “a militaristic adventurous regional power.”

The Russia Black Sea Fleet was dealt with, not through diplomacy, but by force. Force worked and that fleet is not a threat today. Let us not overstate Russia’s willingness to use nuclear weapons. NATO nuclear deterrence appears to be working fine.

Russia doesn’t ratchet down operations for Easter.

Pictures of what used to be the city center of Bakhmut.

Russians do their best to destroy n M1A1 Abrams tank. The tank went down fighting and “went out like a warrior!”

Russian approaching strategic highway.

Easter celebrated on the front lines.

Russian AFVs stored in an open field. The vehicles are more or less outdated and useless.


Battling ignorance


So here’s the initial (ridiculous) claim:


I replied:


Someone else tried to get al scientifikul on me:



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Another guy cast doubt on what China and India are doing.