The Plan

This has got to be the most moronically meatheaded, idiotic set of "ideas" I've ever heard of. One of the "bright" ideas these turkeys come up with is to add 100,000 soldiers to America's army. Um, sure. Ri-i-i-ight! Uh-huh. Okay. Tell me, with soldiers on their second and third tours of duty in Iraq and the Army keeping people on through "stop-loss" programs, where exactly do the authors foresee getting 100,000 more soldiers from? Consider what US Dem Vet says about the Army trying to keep up to strength:

As the demand for boots in Mess O'Potamia increased, so too did the demand for fresh new faces to fill them. Clearly, the Yellow Elephant Class were not/are not going to fill them, they're too busy "fighting the war of ideas" here at home, not to mention staying in those well-paid Wingnut Think-tank jobs, all safe and secure.

So what's happened? Apparently recruits who might not normally make it out of basic training are finding their way into the field as fully-trained infantrymen. Recruits whose allegiance is perhaps to their unit for the time being, but might also be to such organizations as the Aryan Nations or the Crips...in short, not the kind of folks we want our tax dollars training in Urban Combat with weapons of small-scale destruction.

Where exactly do the authors of the above "strategy" guidance book believe these extra soldiers going to come from? I threw up my hands when I saw that the second author was a member of the DLC, the Democratic Leadership Council, that organization that favored Senator Joe Lieberman for President in 2004, but which grudgingly settled for John Kerry when audiences of Democrats stayed away from Lieberman in droves.

Republicans from Bush on down know that calling for a draft would be their political death and would probably keep them in the minority for the next 50 years. Do the authors have a better idea? I'd sure be interested to hear it.

Basically, if you work in an organization that lacks needed resources, you learn to make do with what you have or you adjust your goals. The authors here do neither, substituting fantasy and wishful thinking for serious thought.
Update: The Democratic Party has a much better plan!!

Further update: conservative Rich Lowry, a big cheerleader for the Iraq War, presents much the same plan, i.e. add more troops, but again, hasn't the vaguest clue as to where all of these extra troops will come from. I guess they'll just sort of appear out of thin air when we snap our fingers.

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